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Rosalee loves sweets more than anything! She likes to share them selflessly with her friends, as long as she can eat the sweets herself. Thanks to her warm and cordial nature she is always there for her friends. Incl. silicone bracelet, jewellery beads and candy charm, collector's card, stickers and lots of accessories.
Welcome to the world of dreams... Welcome to the realm of EverDreamerz! Rosalee, Viona, Edwina, Clare and Starleen are five friends with big dreams. When the girls find a magical amulet, a portal opens into another universe, to the land of their dreams. First the five friends travel to Rosalee's dream world, where everything revolves around sweets because Rosalee loves sweets more than anything. As long as she is allowed to eat sweets herself, she always likes to share selflessly with her friends. But it's not only sweets that appeal to this lively girl - she also loves to eat marshmallows, cupcakes and chocolate. Besides her friends, Rosalee is accompanied by her beloved flamingo and of course she also has a bag to keep her sugary treasures. Rosalee's only fear is the dentist, but her friends help her overcome it. The playsets contains EverDreamerz character Rosalee with her flamingo and many sugar-sweet accessories in a fold-out box. Rosalee has a candy as a special charm. Great collecting fun: Each EverDreamerz character has its own silicone bracelet with an individual character charm for children who love collecting and swapping. The character and its accessories can be stored and taken along in the colourful package.

Pieces: 37